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What makeup or hair products to choose can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have only recently started to take an interest.
 The market is flooded with products, and sorting the good from the bad is a difficult task.
We are constantly testing and reviewing products as they come on to the market.

Don't be fooled into thinking you need to spend a fortune on over priced products to look your best.
 There are many good affordable products on the market. Some products are worth spending a little more on, but which ones?

Makeup Products Hair Products
The most important product you will choose
Take your time with this and get the best you can afford.
It needs to match your skin tone exactly. See how it looks in day light
before you buy. Don't trust store lighting.
For everyday wear I prefer a mineral based foundation as it more natural
and less likely to irritate your skin. It should also have sunscreen if possible,
and it must suit your skin type e.g. dry, oily etc.
If you are not sure ask for help at the makeup counter of a good store.
Tip: You will probably need to change your shade for winter

Favourite Brands:- Estee Lauder Double Wear, MAC, Giorgio Armani
Shampoo & Conditioner
Choose a shampoo based on your hair type.
If you colour your hair get a shampoo specifically for coloured hair.
If you are blonde (natural or coloured) use speciality shampoo
(with a toner) to avoid brassy tones. Stay away from cheap
supermarket brands, as they are normally very harsh
and full of questionable ingredients.
 It is worth spending more on a quality shampoo & conditioner.
Shinny healthy hair is always in fashion.

Favourite Brands: - Goldwell, Fudge, L'Oreal Professional, Redkin
Another product worth spending a bit more on. Cheap lipsticks
can contain nasty ingredients. Remember this ends up in your stomach via
food, so it's better to only have a few good quality one's rather than a lot of nasty.
Tip: Test lipsticks on the tip of your finger. The colour is a lot closer
to your lip than the back of your hand.

Favourite Brands: - MAC, Lancôme, Makeup Forever
If you have damaged hair a good treatment is vital.
Moroccan or Argan Oil are fabulous for your hair. Make sure you get a
pure oil, and remember a little goes a long way.
Focus on the ends for the best results.

Favourite Brands: -
So many mascaras are currently on the market. Which do I
choose? The main choices are colour, waterproof or not and volume building.
Think about what you want from your mascara. Do you just a little colour
for everyday wear or do you need lots of volume for a big night out?
Are you fair, olive or dark complexion? As a rule the darker your
natural colour the darker and bigger you can wear.
Fair skin ladies - try a brown it's a little softer on the eye.
The most important rule is don't clump it up.
Tip:- Keep a spare clean mascara brush to help de-clump if required

Favourite Brands: - Maybelline Great Lash, MAC False Lash,
CoverGirl Lash Blast, NARS Larger Than Life
Hair Colours (at home)
Be very careful when choosing a new hair colour,
or colouring your hair for the first time. Allergy test are recommended
for every time you colour. Severe reactions can occur.
Choose a well known brand and thoroughly read all instructions
prior to use. Make sure you know if the colour is permanent,
semi-permanent or just a rinse. Check if the colour is suitable
for your hair. Extreme colour changes are best left to a professional.
Excessive bleaching can cause major damage to your hair.

Favourite (at home) Brands: - L'Oreal Preference,
Garnier Nutrisse,
The choice is mainly liquid, pencil or gel. Liquid or gel
can be very effective for a dramatic look, but hard to master.
Pencil is probably the most common and fairly easy to use.
Tip: Get a good eye makeup remover if you are going to use liquid liner

Favourite Brands: - Ingot
Hair Brushes
Finding a good brush can be a bit of struggle.
Try a speciality shop for the best range. The best brush will
depend on your hair type. Avoid brushes with big baubles on
the ends. They get too tangled and pull unnecessarily on your hair.
If tangles are a problem, try a Tangle Teezer (start from the bottom
of your hair and work slowly up). 
What is it and do I need it? You can live without it, but it does help
provide a good base for a lasting makeup. It comes as a liquid which is applied
after your moisturiser, and prior to your foundation
to minimise pores and prepares the skin for foundation.

Favourite Brand: - MAC Prep & Prime
Heat Protection Spray
Essential for the those who love their flat iron,
curler or blow dryer. The spray helps to protect hair from damage
caused by heat.

Favourite Brands: -
What is it and do I need it? Illuminator is use to highlight
parts of your face. Not essential but it does help to contour areas such as
cheekbones and gives them a nice glow. Available as a liquid
or powder. If the budget will allow it, I recommend you give a go.

Favourite Brand: - MAC, Nude soft focus
Anti Frizz
If you are prone to frizz then get yourself a really good
anti-frizz serum. Also good for great curl control.

Favourite Brand:- L'Oreal Tech Liss Control
What is it and do I need it? Bronzer is powder used to help frame or
contour the face
. Once you mastered your basic makeup you may
want to give bronzer a go. Don't go more than one or two shades darker
than your skin tone
Texturising Products
Great to add texture to short styles or to give you a relaxed
tousled look. Try a sea salt spray for a natural beach look.

Favourite Brands:- Toni & Guy, Fudge
Eye Shadow
Two main types of shadow - powder or cream.
Start off with powder as cream tends to crease a bit more.
Price is not that important here, but stay away from the really
cheap brands to be safe. The key to eye shadow is good blending.
Tip:- Use a Eye Primer to get the longest lasting result

Favourite Brands: - Bobbi Brown, Ben Nye
One Day Hair Colour
If you want to have some fun with colour but not willing to
go for a lasting look, give one day colours a try.
They come great colours, easy to apply and wash right out
at the end of the day. Take care when wearing light coloured
clothing or sitting on fabric furniture. You don't want your
fabulous new colour rubbing off on a friends couch.

Favourite Brand: - Brite Organix One Day Colour Mousse
Lip Gloss
Can't live without a good gloss. If you are not a big fan of lipstick
try a gloss. It's a softer look and really finishes off your face. Available
in clear and coloured. A colour stay lip gloss will last for hours.

Favourite Brands:- Lip Tar, Bourjois, L'Oreal
Hair Chalk
Hair chalk in fun way to add temporary colour to your hair.
It comes in many colours, lots of fun to use and cheap to buy.
The chalk washes out easily. Just like one day colour you
need to be careful of colour transfer to clothes & fabrics
Cheap brushes are definitely a mistake. They will leave fibres
everywhere and fall apart quickly. Get a couple of good ones and slowly
build your collection over time. Start with a shadow brush, liner and blush.

Favourite Brand: - Real Technique
Hair Wax
Wax is very handy for creating texture for shorter styles.
Put a little on your finger tips and apply
to the ends only. Do small areas at a time and see how
it can really boost your style.
Don't underestimate the power of great brows. Get them waxed or
threaded, and get a tint if they are a little light in colour.
Brows frame your eyes and help to complete your overall look.
A gentle arch is the most flattering shape for most people.
Get yourself a brow kit - which includes powder &
a coloured wax to finish.

Tip: -Can't afford a brow kit ? Then just
fill them with a matte shadow in a suitable shade

Favourite Brand: - Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow

Sealer is used to keep the whole look in place longer. Perfect
for those who live in hot climates or prone to sweating. It also
helps to prevent makeup rubbing off onto your clothing.
Nothing worse than your foundation staining the
collar of your favourite white top.

Favourite Brand:- Ben Nye Final Seal

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